Romeo & Juliet Dance Jazz Suite


Composer - James Russell
Choreographer - Marie Lawrence

Following the success of his Jazz Suite James joined company with London based choreographer and contemporary dancer Marie Lawrence to produce this exciting new work.
Marie had recently worked as lead dancer with Bode Lawal of Sakoba Dance, and James seized the opportunity of inviting Marie to use her striking approach to enrich this demanding performance piece

Using only three dancers including herself Marie captured beautifully various points in the story as the complete jazz suite was played out with the jazz octet on stage during the whole of the performance.
Supported by Northern Arts the show was toured in the North East in 2004 and then reworked with only two dancers for  an appearance for the Bath Shakespeare Festival in 2006 at Bath Theatre Royal.


Jazz and contemporary dance is a truly wonderful combination for acting out this most loved of Shakespeare’s tragic tales, without a word being spoken.

This piece could be performed in any country in the world with the same effect and any number of dancers could participate in the performance.
We would be particularly interested in producing this show using young people with or without contemporary dance experience.
Marie has worked with many young people as dance educationalist  for Rambert, and in the summer of 2008 produced a wonderful performance piece for young students of varying abilities for a course run by Newcastle Theatre Royal.


"Marie Lawrence was the wide eyed Juliet and sparked with her co-star and with the band. Her dancing flirted perfectly with the sombre charm of the musicians."
The Newcastle Journal.
"There was an uncomplicated joyousness and exuberance in both the choreography and the performance which was a delight."
Peter Lathan. The British Theatre Guide (2004)
"While watching the performance last night at ARC (Stockton on Tees), at the moment when Mathew Spencer put on the Mask, I was for a split second taken back to Helpman/Fonteyn in Hamlet back in the 40’s.(!) This reminds me that there is a continuity in the dance tradition so I am writing to thank you for keeping it going and for your contribution to its evolution as well as for the brilliant performances: many thanks."
e-mail received from………….Peter Hay - Audience member, Arc, Stockton